The Story so far…

Hi, I’m Adrian, and I’m the creator of Gay Sauna the Board Game. Since a young age I’ve had a passion for games, but tabletop games specifically. There’s something about the interaction of players, hidden tactics and strategies as well as the focus of reaching a goal that I find so appealing. It’s not really a surprise to me that I one day, early in 2017 in Bangalore Airport, on my way back from a great business trip there, I had this thought about the game mechanics for a board game based in a Gay Sauna.

I scribbled lots of notes on some paper, and spent a good portion of my flight expanding on the idea and how things might work, and by the time I arrived in Amsterdam, Gay Sauna the Board Game was born.

The following weeks I spent filling out more of the game and gameplay, and I created an extremely minimal version 1 of the game and printed it out. It was all text-based with no imagery, as well as being one of the most complicated games to play ever…but it played, the core mechanics had something to them and, despite a few hiccups, was a real joy to play with lots of laughs and giggles.

The journey took a pause there as my work and stuff piled up and I didn’t do much beyond the occasional hour or so looking at game mechanics or brainstorming on flavour additions before October 2018, and I made some changes and was able to pick this project back up and produce version 2 of Gay Sauna the Board Game.

With a new set of graphics, cards and a much simplified set of rules, I was lucky enough to be able to test version 2 with a few groups of friends in a short period of time. These sessions gave me a huge amount of feedback and I’ve taken it all in. The best thing it did show me however was that there was definitely something with the concept and it was worth spending more time on.

Since October 2018 I’ve produced over ten different versions of Gay Sauna the Board Game and playtested over one hundred times I’m now finally ready to launch my idea into the public domain through a Kickstarter Campaign launching on Friday 26th July 2019!