The Visitor Queue

Take a peak at the hot and horny visitors already waiting to get into Gay Sauna the Board Game to have some fun!



Guys Next Door




“I like ’em big! From bellies to biceps, I’ll always take the super-sized ones”

Name – Sean
Age – 28
Tribe – Jock
Role – Versatile
Kinks – Leather
& Spanking
Into – Bears, Daddies
and Jocks
Sauna Visits – 9
Favourite Room – Cabins

Bartender Says –
“More than most guys, Sean has a very specific type – Big Guys! He’ll take em pretty or ugly, as long as they can’t wear an S t-shirt, he’s happy”

Role, Kinks and the Tribes he’s into:

“Do you think I’m a natural blonde?”

Name – Trevor
Age – 39
Tribe – Bear
Role – Bottom
Kinks – Leather
& Watersports
Into – Bears, Guys Next Door
and Jocks
Sauna Visits – 24
Favourite Room – The Bar

Bartender Says –
“Trevor’s a darling, although sometimes I’d prefer it if he showered before coming to the bar soaking wet…”

Role, Kinks and the Tribes he’s into:

Printing and Playing

In this past month I’ve seen lots of changes, with a brand new updated logo I’ve started the busy work of getting offline materials printed, starting with these awesome new business cards!

Coming next week are the first promotional flyers, simple A5 pages with a page of text briefly explaining some of the things to expect in the game. I’ve even been able to add some of the fantastic new artwork to these, so I can’t wait till they arrive.

Next up I’m looking at Keyrings and Towels – and there’s a possibility I’ll be able to put up some of this merchandise for sale on this site, so keep your eyes peeled!

With the next Playtesting sessions already planned, I’m also pulling together an update for the game materials including a new set of visitor cards. Unfortunately they’ll not yet have new updated artwork, but with a revised set of balanced metadata and a slightly new and improved visual design they should make all the difference for new and existing players.

I’ve still got some really interesting new mechanics to try out, so if you want to get in on the action, check out the Events Page and sign up!

Tribes over Types

For many versions of the game, the visitors were categorised by six types: Bears, Daddies, Muscle, Otters, Twinks and Wolves. I needed to find an icon-set for these and so they kind of morphed into 6 types I could represent by animals: Bears, Daddy Gorillas, Foxes (Otters), Muscle Bulls, Twink Bunnies and Wolves.

As I approach production of the game, I’m revisiting all aspects, and the types were top of my list to get finalised and I have made some changes. Firstly I’ve decided to drop the term Types and replace this with Tribes. Playtesting has proven this is a common enough term amongst the intended audience for the game 😉

As for the Tribes themselves, Bears, Daddies and Twinks remain untouched, although Daddies and Twinks will drop their animal counterparts and adopt a new icon. Otters will return and get an appropriately cute ottery test-icon you may have noticed. Muscle guys will morph slightly into Jocks and get a Jock icon. Finally the Wolves are retiring early, howling at the moon as they head into pastures new. They’re being replaced by the new Tribe: Guy Next Door.

The big next step: An Artist

So I’ve just posted an advert for an artist and this is a huge thing for me and this project, as I make my steady way towards making this game a reality.

The biggest piece of work that needs to be done is the character artwork. With a current “Visitor Deck” of 120 guys, there’s a huge amount of work that needs to be done before the game will be ready. There’s also a lot more work to be done in the rest of the game, from the board, the cards, playing pieces – basically everything could do with a little more artistic flair than I’ve put into this to date.

As this becomes a reality, I’ve had to start putting some more formal things into place and my planning forces me to set some dates. My current aim is to get a Crowdfunding Campaign live on or around 1st May 2019 and whilst there is still some months, there’s a huge amount to get done in that time.

In terms of the artwork, I don’t expect for the game to be production ready when the crowd funding campaign is launched; however the core theme and visual style (colours, fonts, styles etc) will need to be finalised as well as enough game artwork to be able to create the campaign image and video materials. This also means that there is a somewhat limited investment in this as full materials will only need to be produced if the campaign is successful. Although if the campaign is not successful, I am likely to find another method of launching the game.

My ideal situation would be someone who is up for joining me in this challenge, not just contractually creating characters as freelance artist, but as a partner in developing Gay Sauna the Board Game as well as all the games that I hope will follow. That being said, I’m also realistic about this and know that I’ll know the right artist when I meet them and see their work and all the details will follow.

I’m hoping this little glimpse into the process at the moment might be useful for anyone who is or knows someone who might be interested in becoming the artist for Gay Sauna the Board Game and if you do, check out the job post and get in touch.

Help Wanted – Game Artist / Digital Illustrator

ReRoll Works is seeking a Game Artist with excellent digital painting/illustration and visual design skills to work on the upcoming project Gay Sauna the Board Game.

Gay Sauna the Board Game is an exciting board game experience currently in development in Amsterdam, NL and is in need of a skilled and dedicated Game Artist / Illustrator for creation of the final game artwork. The primary focus for this role is the Character Artwork that requires over 100 individual characters that need to be designed and produced.

What I’m looking for:

  • Graphic Illustrator / Artist that has worked professionally in this role (Portfolio)
  • LGBTQ+ Ally
  • A sense of humour
  • Not easily offended (by the Game, not by me. I’m incredibly nice)
  • Located in/near Amsterdam, NL a strong preference
  • Any games design experience a bonus
  • Interested in (gay) board games

If you’re interested in this opportunity and want to find out more, please get in touch using the contact form on the right.

About ReRoll Works:
The owner of ReRoll Works, Adrian has a passion for games and has created and refined the concept for Gay Sauna the Board Game. ReRoll works is now focused on bringing Gay Sauna the Board into production and made globally available online. Adrian is dedicated to creating compelling board game experience that combine exciting flavour and character with deep and tactical gameplay.

While this is a startup venture, the project is relatively mature and is planning for a public crowd-funding campaign to launch before the end of Q2 2019.

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Festive Season. I’m back in the New Year and I’m so excited to be able to tell you all about version 4 of Gay Sauna the Board Game.

In a recent playtest, we had a serious discussion about the playability, namely the matching process and the player cards. Combined with the results I’ve seen about the manner in which to introduce the game to new players, I’ve taken a long look at the game and decided it was time for a full visual remake.

The new card design has taken a slightly more modern game look, without the strong borders, the colours now flow to the edges (I just hope I can get the print job done right). The most important thing about the new designs is that the cards line up next to each other to be able to see whether you can match with the visitor, and what you have in common.

I’m showing you here sample player cards, please note that I do not own the rights to the images used here, this is just used as an example. Please contact me if you would like to have your images removed.

I’ve also done a little bit of modelling for the game pieces, as I’m seeing the current set of tokens and boards are a little tatty from being just paper. I’d like to do a lot more of this and I will certainly update all the tokens for this version.

The rules have had also had the biggest change since the very first version with the long narrative being removed. While it always remained a popular part of the game process for playtesting, it always took a huge amount of time to get through and may not add enough to justify this. This kind of content will remain in the game though, with some being delivered in the box as background fluff and additional reading info and some will be presented in a video that I think needs to be a part of the final delivered product. The rules themselves are now in a very short setup and winning section, with a “Hookup Guide” attached that players should go through together if playing for the first time. This is then supported by each player getting a “Gay Sauna the Board Game Sauna Guidebook” that provides details about all the sauna specifics including rooms, attributes, cards and of course the types, kinks and roles.

Version 4 still has a lot more to be done for it, including the player boards, rooms and event and action card designs. All of that for this week, it’s going to be tough, but I’ll make it in time for the next Playtesting session this coming Sunday 13th. It’ll be a really fun day, and the first chance to get to play the version that I expect to be the final one I make myself without an artist!