What kind of game is Gay Sauna the Board Game?

In Gay Sauna the Board Game players take part in a hookup contest to see who can pickup / have sex with as many of the sauna visitors as possible. The narrative remains very present throughout the gameplay; where many of the actions, decisions and events attempt to mirror as closely as possible the true experience of visiting a gay sauna.

While I can’t deny that some players may be shocked or scandalised by some of the content in the game, it remains very accessible to every adult audience, regardless of sexual preference or experience. Player’s should be prepared to not take the experience too seriously.

Gay Sauna the Board Game plays like many other traditional board games, there’s a board, cards, dice and tokens, players take it turns to make decisions and take chances whilst they compete against each other by scoring points.

Shy players may be relieved to hear that there is no nudity or role-play required in the game. Nudity is certainly not discouraged and should players wish to don the traditional sauna attire whilst playing, then I’m sure this will only increase the enjoyment for all involved.

It’s a Board Game, based in a gay sauna. If you like fun, exciting and challenging board games and are open-minded to gay culture and sex references, then I’m certain you’ll have a blast!