Shirts and tanks

Earlier this year I spent some cash on getting some towels, keyrings and promo tanktops made and it was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had outside of playing games in a long while.

From the time spent working out what designs to put onto merchandise, to then making the order, potentially going backwards and forwards with the printers about the files to finally having them arrive, I think it’s a pretty cool thing to have done.

Certainly I feel that this experience has prepared me a little for some of the printing challenges that lay ahead when it comes to printing games with the manufacturers. Getting used to generating print files in the right resolution with the right colour mode is something that you just need to go through to really understand what it’s all about.

The promotional tanktops I made previously were completely focused on the Kickstarter campaign, with QR codes and KS information printed clearly on them; but that meant that they weren’t really ok for the public.

Teaming up with Printify I’ve created a whole series of new Tshirts and Tanks featuring the original artwork we’re creating that will be on the visitor cards in the game. While doing print to order shirts is not quite as satisfying as getting shiploads delivered, it not only saves money in stock, but also saves me from having to find storage space in my apartment that ran out of storage space some time ago.

I really like how these look and I can’t wait to start looking at some of the other merch options available to see what else might look fantastic with a Wanna Play logo and a cheeky sauna visitor plastered all over it.

Check out the store on this site to see the full collection available!