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What is Gay Sauna the Board Game?

It is a light thematic driven role playing game where you participate in a hookup contest with your friends.

The game plays a bit like a typical dungeon crawler game, but instead of fighting monsters, the players are hooking up.

The group travels through various cruising areas, encountering a host of horny visitors along the way that they’ll try to seduce, allowing them to score points in this adventure.

Characters in the game have their own preferences and interests, providing a mechanism for consent.

By matching icons, players can maximize their chances and with a little luck will be successful in their advances, all the while being enhanced or hindered by a flavorful deck of mischief cards.

This tabletop adventure brings the action of a visit to the gay sauna to a board game in a fun and accessible way, ensuring you laugh your way to victory while you score like you’ve never scored in a game before!

How does Gay Sauna the Board Game work?

Once you’ve chosen your character and picked a handy item to help you on your adventure, players start exploring the sauna room by room, taking turns to choose how to spend their time in each cruising area. With the objective of the game being to score more than your fellow players, there is lots of flirting going on.

Players do have access to other strategies, opting to spend time at the bar could give players an advantage at the end of the game while there’s always your fellow players to interrupt and obstruct if anyone’s getting too far ahead.

All players are subject to the random events happening throughout the game from cleanliness challenges to interesting choices of entertainment, a night at the gay sauna can be full of surprises.

Despite the dress code, players don’t get sent into this wild fantasy completely naked. Armed with a thematic accessory item and a hand of Mischief cards, players need to determine their best strategy to get to the top (or bottom).

To top (or bottom) it all off, players need to manage their horniness levels to ensure they keep themselves in the game. Be warned though, there are consequences to keeping yourself really, really horny!

Closing time at the gay sauna causes a rush to grab the leftovers still on offer and a creates a last minute fast pace opportunity to score some crucial points.

Out the door and players count up their scores to determine who came out on top (or bottom).

How can I get a copy?

The game and all our available merchandise is available through the ReRoll Works webshop at https://shop.gaysaunatheboardgame.com.

We’ve got Towels, T-Shirts, Tank-tops and Hoodies featuring the gorgeous visitors from the game. We are looking to expand the range, so if there’s something Gay Sauna the Board Game you’d like to see, drop us a line.

How many players can play Gay Sauna the Board Game?

You can play Gay Sauna the Board Game with 2 to 6 players.

Who can play Gay Sauna the Board Game?

Any consenting adult can play Gay Sauna the Board Game. You need not be gay, but you should probably have an open mind. For those not familiar with the gay cruising and sex scene, certain elements of the game can be rather enlightening.

How long does it take?

There are two game modes for Gay Sauna the Board Game.

The party version typically takes 15-30 minutes.

The full game takes around 60 minutes.

First time players will need about an extra 10-15 minutes to complete their game.

Do I have to get naked and wear a towel?

It is not necessary to play Gay Sauna the Board Game naked or wearing a towel. However, games can be more unique when there’s potentially as much action going on below the table* as is there is on top.

* Please always ask for consent

What’s the sequence of play?

During a game of Gay Sauna the Board Game, players visit the different cruising areas of the game, each taking a turn to perform 2 different actions from:

  1. Flirting with a horny visitor
  2. Recovering horniness by stroking yourself
  3. Playing the long game at the bar
  4. Finding mischievous ways to trick other players

Once each player has taken their turn in a cruising area, players move on until they’ve visited all the rooms trying to grab as many visitors as possible.

At the end of the game it’s lights on and closing time at the sauna. Players will have a last chance to flirt their way to victory in a Bar sweep before tallying up the scores and working out who’s the winner.

The party version of the game includes a simplified sequence where each players chooses to either Flirt or Stroke while new Mischief cards are provided at the end of each cruising area.

What cards are in Gay Sauna the Board Game?

Gay Sauna the Board Game comes with multiple decks of cards. Each deck represents a different aspect of the journey through the sauna.

Visitor Cards

Visitors Cards are the horny people who are visiting the sauna when the players are there. Each card shows the visitor’s name, tribe, kinks and role, ensuring that everyone is unique in their likes and tastes. There’s a range of visitor artwork plastered on this card to keep players focused on the prize.

For the first retail version of the game, not all visitors will have unique artwork. We hope with time, we’ll be able to add to this artwork and give Gay Sauna the Board Game players the visual feast they deserve.

Event Cards

Event Cards provide the flavourful (and often disgusting) narrative of the player’s journey through the sauna. Packed with a series of both fortunate and unfortunate occurrences, the Event deck gives small rewards and punishments for players to keep things interesting.

Mischief Cards

Mischief Cards give players a wide array of tools to use to ensure they plough their way through the competition efficiently and effectively. Of course however, with all players being able to cause mischief, it’s not as easy as barging your way to the front. Players might want to think about alliances once the high heels come off!

Cruising Areas

Gay Sauna the Board Game comes with 18 unique Cruising Areas. Players form their sauna for their journey at the beginning fo the game by drawing 6-10 areas based on how many players are in the game.

The cruising areas are the setting for the horny encounters the players have with the horny visitors. Each cruising area has a unique effect on the players inside. Some help, like the Jacuzzi that gives a second chanceto hookup (nobody can see what your hands or feet are doing..,) or the Dry Sauna that prevents you from ReRolling the dice (it’s too hot to mess around).

Item Tokens

At the beginning of the game, players get a chance to equip themselves with a handy and useful item from the item card deck. Players choose from 3 random cards, hoping to grab the right item that work well with their own visitor card, or provide a good general bonus for their adventure. Several Mischief Cards exist in the game to give players a chance to swap and steal items. Particularly useful when a player needs to be taken down a notch or two.

What are the Types in Gay Sauna the Board Game?

Types are the terms used to differentiate the visitors in the sauna into types that can be matched with. The 6 types chosen for Gay Sauna the Board Game are not fully representative of the population; however we have had to simplify things to provide a meaningful and interesting gameplay.


Bears are bigger bodies with a belly and lots of hair. Bears make fantastic lovers, often being very attuned to both yours and their sensitivities. If you want to go down to the gay sauna today, you’re sure of a big surprise, because if you happen to walk into the teddy bear’s cabin, you’ll never want to downsize.


The daddies of the gay world, older hotties with lots of experience. Daddies don’t just know what they want, but they know what you need. They’re certain to give you a good time.

Guys Next Door

Guys Next Door don’t fit into boxes, they come in pretty much any shape, size and flavour. Don’t be fooled that they’re boring and bland though, everyone has a naughty side when they’re at the gay sauna.


Bigger than average, to be a Jock you need to have earned those gains. Just the thought of being embraced by those arms…those arms that can lift and spin you round like you’re made of feathers.


Otters are slim and hairy, with their young innocent eyes and soft downy coating it’s always exciting being able to get behind closed doors with one of these cuties.


Twinks are young and mostly smooth. Enthusiastic about…well…pretty much everything, getting naughty with a cute twink can be a lot of fun. However twinks can be a little shy and sheepish, so make sure you’re prepared to put in the effort.

What are the Kinks in Gay Sauna the Board Game?

Having similar kinks can be the turning point when a visitor is deciding if they want to hook up with you.


Sometimes it’s not always about the other person, but about the settings. Exhibitionists enjoy the more public side of things. Whether that’s watching others get it on or ensuring everyone around gets a glimpse of what it is they’re doing. Exhibitionists can be easy to spot at the gay sauna, as they will often be without their towel and letting it all just hang out (or point up).


They may be into the size and shape of your feet, the way your toes move when you walk, the smell of your feet after a long day on your feet. A guy who has an active foot fetish wants to get close to your feet, is almost guaranteed to want to touch them, and I don’t think I’ve met a single Foot Fetishist out there that hasn’t wanted to kiss and lick feet ­ but they probably do exist. A man with a passive foot fetish wants his feet stimulated. As much as possible. Each guy will have their own specific desires that range from being touched, licked, tickled and sucked through to being scratched, bitten, hit or stood on.


Fisting can be a somewhat precarious activity, where the active partner will place their entire hand, and often a great deal of their forearm, up the rectum of the passive partner and into the anal cavity. Not to be carried out willy-nilly, Fisting can be an incredibly pleasurable activity if performed in a safe environment with a partner who knows what they are doing.


For those men into Rubber, finding another Rubber fetishist will certainly give them great joy, as it it will give them the opportunity to to pull out all those toys, from masks and pants to dildos and butt­-plugs. There’s a plethora of Rubber objects in the world and they’re all begging to be rubbed, licked, sucked and inserted into any willing orifice.


When a light tap or a tickle just isn’t enough, a good hard Spanking will usually do the trick. Guys into Spanking just love the feeling of their butt-cheeks being pummelled into extreme redness by a strong hand, paddle or other flat object. Orhey enjoy more the feeling of seeing those cheeks redden while they spank and spank away at them, revelling in the shouts and screams of the begging but willing victim.


Not exactly the same as the typical water skiing, scuba diving and surfing category, Watersports lovers are fans of pee. Some keep these activities strictly to the shower, where any mess will conveniently wash itself away. However, not all keep to these norms, and piss enthusiasts can be found emptying their bladders on and in each other in a large variety of locations and settings.

What are the Roles in Gay Sauna the Board Game?

Whilst it’s of course possible to have great sex without penetration, having compatible roles makes things much easier.


The Bottom receives during butt sex, where they take the penis of the Top and insert it into their bum. This can be done from many different positions including standing one behind the other, the Top lying down and the Bottom sitting on top or even the Bottom lying with his legs behind his head whilst the Top straddles him from above and vertically inserts himself directly downwards. No matter which way this happens, the man that takes it up the butt is referred to as the Bottom.


Tops are the active partner during bum sex and is responsible for maintaining an erection during the entire procedure. Often regarded as the more masculine or butch in the gay world, being the Top or Topping is given preference by many based solely on this factor, which is unfortunate because being a Top is far more than just maintaining an erection, which is a lesson that plenty of “Tops” could do to learn.


Versatile guys like to have it both ways and can perform the role of a Bottom or a Top depending on what the situation requires. Being versatile tends to hold a lot of pressure, for being a Jack of all Trades, can mean you’re a Master of None; however since you’re role compatible with everyone, you should have no problems in gaining plenty of experience.

Where do you ship and how much does it cost?

We ship to most countries. As a small company, we’re not able to get much discounts on shipping, so some countries end up being quite expensive to ship to.

Please check out our shipping page for the latest information and prices.

At the moment we don’t offer merchandise to the US or Canada as we work with a fulfillment partner that doesn’t stock these items. If you’re interested in merchandise, please reach out for more information.

How do I put the lockers together?

The lockers were changed quite late in the manufacturing process and so the end result is a little different than the one in the rulebook.

The below diagram should help in case you’re having any troubles putting them together.

Why are the lockers not very stable?

While the lockers are indeed not quite as stable as we’d have liked, we’ve found they work ok as long as you hold them from the back plate when picking them up or moving them.

Once you place cards inside, this does help to keep them together.

We will be looking at this design carefully as we move towards reprints of the game.

What happens if my box insert is broken?

It’s a shame that we have seen the damage to the insert more frequently. During assembly this was packed complete and as a result any “tumbling” of the box in shipping has led to this occurring.

While the insert was a bonus added to the game during the crowdfunding campaign, we understand that it does add to the visual appeal and so this not being perfect isn’t great for our customers.

Unfortunately due to the number of issues, we’re sorry to say that we’re unable to replace this component, we do hope it doesn’t affect the enjoyment everyone gets from the game too much.

Why do I have incorrect numbers of Really NSFW expansion visitors?

Due to a misprint, the NSFW expansion incorrectly includes 21 Guy Next Door characters and only 19 Twinks where there should be 20 of both. For gameplay this will have a minimal effect so you needn’t do anything.

However if you want to have the true balance, you can remove the NSFW Guy Next Door card called Ryan and replace with the Twink card called Sebastian from the core game. This will give you the correct distribution and intended 120 character set.

What printing mistakes are in the game?

While we would have hoped to catch all things during the review process, a few small issues only came to light after we received the final copies.

  1. The reference cards that we created for informing players of the turn sequence and options. These are double-sided, with the Full and Party versions on different sides. 5 of these cards printed well, but the 6th has the incorrect back and so is missing the Party rules. The consequence is if you’re playing the Party version with 6 people, 2 players will need to share the card.
  2. There’s a spelling mistake on the back of the box where “against” is spelled “aganst”.
  3. The box and rulebook incorrectly mention that there is only 1 first player token, where due to the way they were printed with the lockers, games include 2 of these.
  4. The Essential Oils event card contains the mistake “All Players Players” where it should read “All Players”
  5. The Cold Corridors mischief card contains the mistake “all players have then their turn” where it should read “all players have taken their turn”

What happened to the engraved dice stretch goal?

This is something that was lost in translation during the design process and wasn’t discovered until we received the games. The designs we made were not suitable for the engraving process, so the manufacturer swapped them to printed.

We’re sorry that this didn’t make it to the game – it was also Jose’s favourite stretch goal, we really hope it won’t spoil the experience too much.

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