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  1. Hey there!
    Have you given any thought to releasing the game in some other channel, e.g. via The Game Crafter or DriveThruCards, or as a print-and-play? If there are no restrictions on moving from room to room, you could print the details of each one on a single card (e.g. number of guys present, horniness requirement, any special rules) – though players would still have to come up with dice.
    I backed the KS and would love to get a copy!

    1. Hey John, thanks for your comment. There are a lot of options still available for sure and I’ve been looking into many of them and will be making calls on how to proceed at the end of the week when things have been finalised with the KS one way or another.

      It’s too early to share too many details, but it seems that even without the current KS project funding I should be able to find a way to continue with the current plan and timelines. I’m still looking at manufacturing in early 2020 and getting copies of the game available for sale in March 2020.

      I’ll be reaching out to all backers at the end of the KS to give insights into what’s next, and this site will of course be documenting the ongoing journey!

      Adrian x

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