[Kickstarter update #46] US & Canada Fulfillment

Hi everyone

I wanted to drop a note to let you know that the fulfillment in the US and Canada was delayed due to an issue with the fulfillment partner (another shipment arrived just before ours did and we were held up in the queue and I wasn’t informed about this in time). I sent out an email to all impacted backers last week with more specific details. Please check your spam folder if you didn’t see it coming in – the subject is “US and CA fulfillment.”

I didn’t post here as I know that all preorders outside of Kickstarter are also impacted and I didn’t want anyone to miss this information – I can see now I should also have posted an update.

At the weekend they told me that they expect to process today or tomorrow (Tuesday 17th / Wednesday 18th October) – I’m waiting for the final confirmation this will happen.

Once the packes are sent out, you’ll receive an email from noreply at shiphero dot com with tracking details.

I’m sorry about this delay – it’s an extra unexpected few weeks on top of an already longer than expected delay from the original shipment date. Based on the information I was given, you should have all received the games by now.

I’ll add another update once I know for sure this is being processed.

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