[Kickstarter update #44] So very very near the finish line!

August has been an incredibly intense month. Once the overwhelming joy of the games arriving died down a bit, the hard work started to get all the pledges prepared, packed and shipped. I’ve been clocking up the hours at our warehouse to get this done as quickly as possible, and…

I’m so over the moon to let you all know We have now packaged up over 800 pledges! We’ve got just a small handful left that are awaiting a couple of items of merchandise to arrive (being reprinted due to an error in production).

BUT there’s still a few steps in the process:

All the US and Canadian pledges are prepared and will head out to our fulfillment partner (Bridge Dist) on Monday. Once they arrive, they’ll be making the last leg of the journey from their hub in Goergia. We’ve already done most of the hard work in boxing up the orders, so this should go very smoothly and quickly. They’re also going to be taking care of our US online sales going forwards, so we’re sending a stock of games to them to warehouse for us.

For all the remaining orders, we’ve been able to take advantage of all the experience we’ve gained these weeks and knock them out of the park! They’re all now ready and waiting and will be handed over to the postal service on Monday.

All boxed up and ready to go!

For the few orders (less than 10) left, I expect the merch to arrive by midweek and I’ll get them sent out as soon as possible once that arrives. We’re also going to be able to fully catch up on all the webshop sales this month, although most of these are also part of the batch awaiting pickup.

I’ve got a few more lose ends to tie up. Including reviewing pledges and pre-orders to ensure we’ve not missed anyone, updating both BackerKit and Kickstarter and ensuring the webshop has the right settings – plus a bunch more really boring admin things…

Have to admit I’m feeling a bit tired after all this hard work – luckily I’m off to a nice festival tomorrow in Amsterdam (Superflirt) to relax and unwind a bit!

I’ll update here once everything has been wrapped up! I’ve also got some really big and exciting stuff to share with you all from our presence at Essen this year to announcing a brand new game we’ll be launching a campaign for very soon!

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