[Kickstarter update #42] Shipping has begun!!!

The games have arrived at ReRoll Works HQ in Amsterdam!!!

They arrived last Thursday and I have been very busy this past week in preparing the boxes, organising the processes to follow and getting the first few games out whilst also starting to share a bit of the fun on social media (check out InstagramFacebook and Twitter (X) for more).

Smiley happy faces once all the games were safely stored away!

Fulfillment Process

The fulfillment process has already begun with the first shipments on the way! We’re going to work region by region in the order mentioned below. We are still waiting on a few of the merchandise items (Beach Towels and some sizes of Hoodies which were out of stock till now) but these are on their way now and we expect to have them end of next week at the latest. Once everything is in stock, we’ll be picking up the biggest orders per region first.


We started with the backers here in the Netherlands for 2 reasons. Firstly, it allowed us to combine the Local Pickup with the shipment, whilst also allowing us to get early feedback on the shipping process itself before we scale up to other regions.

US & Canada

Our US and Canadian backers will be sent out by Bridge Distribution however they are being packed by us here at HQ. It’s our intention that they will be shipped in bulk over to the US around the 20th August and from there will be sent to you all individually. We’ll be letting you all know when this shipment has been sent. We’re expecting to start with this batch this coming weekend.


Once we’ve finished with NL and prepping the US orders we’ll move on to Europe. This includes non EU countries such as the UK and Switzerland as there’s not much difference in the process for us. I’m expecting to start with Europe in about a week or so.

Rest of world

Finally we’ll cover the remaining countries, starting as mentioned with the backers with the highest pledges.

Once your pledge is on its way to you, there will be an update on your pledge in BackerKit.

We expect to have everything shipped out by the end of August, and while that seems pretty ambitious, we’re confident at the moment we can get it done. We will of course keep you in the loop in the coming weeks as to how feasible this remains and alert in case of any changes of plans.

Shipping Costs

All backers should have received an email from me regarding the shipping costs which we have now collected from most via BackerKit. For those that haven’t yet paid for shipping, please check the pledge manager for information and update your card details. If you have any problems or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Now on sale!

Now that we’ve got stock, we’ve launched our webshop for “normal” sales! These will be fulfilled after we’ve gone through our Kickstarter and Pre-order backers, but we’ve got plenty of stock available so it’s not too late for anyone who missed out to order now!

Available at https://shop.gaysaunatheboardgame.com

Photos & Videos!!!

I couldn’t leave you all without sharing some of the great visuals we’ve been collecting this past week!

Enjoy these and I’ll be back in a week or so with an update on progress.

The first real copy on my kitchen table!
These playerboards are so cool and colourful!

So many boxes!!!!

Pretty pretty lockers!
So many tokens!

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