A Huge Sauna Welcome To Our Awesome New Artist!

I am so delighted to be able to introduce the new Gay Sauna the Board Game artist to you all: Jose Garrote!

I was introduced to Jose a couple of months ago by a fan of the game (shoutout to Daniel – thank you!), and after our first chat it was clear we had a great connection and energy! A few conversations and some initial artwork later and we’re working super well together on this project.

So Jose, who are you and where are you from?
Hi! As Adrian said, I’m Jose, I am an artist from Spain who loves video games, animation movies and thanks to my friends in Vancouver, also board games.

How did you hear about Gay Sauna the Board Game?
Well, my friend Daniel, from Vancouver, the one who’s guilty for why I like board games, told me about Gay Sauna the Board Game. He said “Why don’t you draw one of the guys they have on their website so they can see what you could do?” and so I did… and here we are!

What’s it like to work on a board game?
Honestly, it’s kinda different from other projects. When you’re working on a board game, the challenge is to keep in mind the mechanics are more important than the art itself, which is a very tricky thing for an artist if you ask me. We just want to make it beautiful! But thanks to my background in video game design I am used to it. I think we’ve been doing a great job emphasising the game strengths and it’s really nice work together I feel very confident about the results.

And what about drawing naked men?
Am I allowed to say dirty stuff? I mean, imagine the places I end up looking for references… My goal is to make these guys sexy and at least they are for me, meaning sometimes it gets a bit hot in the room. But fun facts aside, drawing the human body is basic stuff to do as an artist so usually you don’t really think “this guy is hot” when you’re drawing them, you’re focused on getting the anatomy, the proportions or the lightning right. I am sorry if you thought this would be all fun but you have to be professional too.

Where can everyone find you and your art?
I’m glad you asked, just a few days ago my website was finished and I would really appreciate you all taking a look: https://www.narfil.com

Now with Jose on board, we’re getting close to putting the first version of the game into production! With that announcement, I think it’s only fair we share a visual hint of what’s to come.

We hope you like him as much as we do!

For now he’s nameless, but that’s all for a good reason. We have big plans on the next steps, and we’ll be revealing all (and maybe a bit more) in the coming weeks. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the latest news!

Kickstarter Lessons – Part 3

The most surprising thing to me about what happened during my campaign is how a lot of the things I was trying to generate initial pledges wasn’t working. In particular, many within my closest network – even those that have been playtesting the game with me for the past year – weren’t backing, it was difficult to go through.

I failed to effectively Activate My Network.

While I was sending out a whole host of individual and customised Whatsapp, Facebook and LinkedIn messages, somehow the core of what I was asking for was lost in the details and while many I have since spoken to have said they would have been willing to help, they didn’t really understand what it was I was asking of them and how important it was to me and this project that I had their support.

It was far too easy for me to assume that everyone around me had been reading everything I posted, listening to all the things I said when we’re talking and had grasped what I hoped for my Kickstarter campaign. It was also too easy for me to gloss over the fact that a huge majority of my network were simply not Kickstarter Friendly and so needed a little more TLC from me to understand how they can support me in a way they felt comfortable with.

This has been a hard pill to swallow, but I hold all the blame and ownership for this failure. It was up to me to convince those closest to me and I didn’t put enough effort into the right places to achieve this. Next time will of course be different 🙂

Getting started…

Hi everyone, the first update on here from me I guess should be about this site. I’m putting this together to have a place to communicate to the growing fanbase for Gay Sauna the Board Game, as well as to start documenting the journey I’m going through as this game goes from the rough sketches of a game to something resembling a fully fledged idea in reality.
I’m super excited to be able to work on this project now, and while it’s still early in the process, I can’t wait to get moving on all the things that I need to do.
To give a bit of an insight, at the moment I’ve categorised my tasks into:

  • Game Mechanics
  • Art & Design
  • Background & Character
  • Marketing & Promotion

My biggest focus at the moment is still on the Game Mechanics, as this is ultimately the core of the game and will make or break it, but given that the project is evolving and the play-testing is going well, I thought it was about time I branched out into some of the other categories to flesh out the project and get things moving.