A sneak peek into the drawing room!

Hey folks

The overall response to the game has been incredible, but standing out of course is the incredible artwork of Jose! His creations are touching fans in all the right places 😉

We wanted to take a little time to share more of his work-in-progress sketches with you all. These are the initial sketches he makes of new characters while working on the concepts and before all the gorgeous details get filled in.

You might recognise some of these hotties already, while others are concepts that could potentially make it into the game – please note that we are not promising any of these specific characters will be in the game, we just wanted to share some more concept art 🙂

One thought on

A sneak peek into the drawing room!

  • Marout Yasuo Sluijter-Borms

    Aahhh looking good.
    Not just the usual twinks and studs but also more realistic sauna frequent fliers.

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