[Kickstarter update #43] Update on merchandise, fulfilment and product

Hello everyone!

The last few days have been pretty insane and eventful. In addition to working hard with help from my husband and some awesome friends on the fulfilment, I found a moment to smash my toe with a tape dispenser and head to the emergency room for an X-ray to make sure nothing was broken. Pretty much recovered now and I’ve even made friends with the dispenser again after ignoring it for a day or so 😀


We’ve had a bit of a hiccup with the merchandise – one of the deliveries went missing on arrival and the other has a production error. I’m talking with the producers to see what can be done, but it means pledges containing T-Shirts, Towels and Hoodies might need to wait a short while longer. As soon as I have more concrete info, I’ll let you all know.


We’ve sent out almost all of the Netherlands pledges. As we needed to make a bit of space in the storage unit so we have also prepared all the German pledges (without merch) and these will be handed to the postal service tomorrow. We have also already started preparing the US and Canadian pledges – this is about half of the entire run, so it’ll take some time to complete this, but things are progressing much faster than we had anticipated so the end of August is looking easily achievable.


While we did a lot to ensure an accurate product, sometimes mistakes happen. Given this is our first game, we figured we wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed and indeed there are 2 issues with the print we wanted to let you all know about.

The first is in the core game and is related to the reference cards that we created for informing players of the turn sequence and options. These are double-sided, with the Full and Party versions on different sides. 5 of these cards printed well, but the 6th has the incorrect back and so is missing the Party rules. The consequence is if you’re playing the Party version with 6 people, 2 players will need to share the card.

Replace the card on the left with the one on the right for the perfect balance

The second is related to the NSFW expansion that incorrectly includes 21 Guy Next Door characters and only 19 Twinks where there should be 20 of both. For gameplay this will have a minimal effect so you needn’t do anything. However if you want to have the true balance, you can remove the NSFW Guy Next Door card called Ryan and replace with the Twink card called Sebastian from the core game. This will give you the correct distribution and intended 120 character set.

One of the 6 incorrectly has this Visitor background…

Overall we’re happy with the final result – while we’d love to not have had any issues, at least we’re confident that there’s nothing detrimental to your gaming experiences.

I guess that’s all for now – I’ll get back to preparing shipments!

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