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  • The World’s Expert on Gay Saunas explains Gay Sauna the Board Game
    by Adrian on December 15, 2023

    Patrick Marano YouTube published December 14, 2023 YouTube sensation Patrick Marano tells YOU why Gay Sauna is one of his picks for excellent holiday gifts. In this fully immersed gift

  • Sauna for all genders!
    by Adrian on November 29, 2023

    When I started with Gay Sauna the Board Game – it was 2017 and I was a different person. I had only considered that gay men would want to go

  • Even Bastards Love Gay Sauna
    by Adrian on November 22, 2023

    Bastard Café Instagram post published November 22, 2023 Bastard Café instagram account with over 5,000 game reviews and suggestions published a gorgeous shout to Gay Sauna on November 22, 2023

  • Dutch game reviewers have given Gay Sauna their best seal of approval
    by Adrian on November 19, 2023

    Modern Myths game review blog by Jeroen Geelhoed and Vicky Swers November 2023 The reviewers from Modern Myths attended the Utrecht-based SpelenSpectacle 2023 and came by the Gay Sauna stand

  • AD on SpellenSpektakel
    by Adrian on November 5, 2023

    We made it into the coverage of AD for SpellenSpektakel this year!

  • Straight men have entered the Gay Sauna (and everyone’s fine!)
    by Adrian on November 1, 2023

    Devon Dice Podcast – episode 108 published October 31, 2023 Clair and Joel from the Devon Dice podcast share their hilarious experience playing Gay Sauna at SPIEL 2023 in Essen.

  • Cute Straight Bear supports Gay Sauna the board game with his mouth
    by Adrian on October 24, 2023

    Mister E Games reviews Gay Sauna on Tiktok published in October 2023 Mister E gives Gay Sauna a shout out on his TikTok channel which is super appreciated by us

  • [Kickstarter update #46] US & Canada Fulfillment
    by Adrian on October 17, 2023

    Hi everyone I wanted to drop a note to let you know that the fulfillment in the US and Canada was delayed due to an issue with the fulfillment partner

  • Whose turn is it anyway?
    by Adrian on October 13, 2023

    We were visited by these fine folks at Spiel Essen this year, and it’s awesome to hear the lovely words they have for the game and our team <3

  • By the Bi Podcast Review
    by Adrian on September 21, 2023

    A wonderful review of the game including a whole bunch of hilarious soundbites coming from their playthrough!

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