Is it your first time?

You step out into the dark street as the bartender locks the door. It’s a Summer’s night, but it’s a bit chilly. You curse yourself for not bringing a jacket with you and start the long stumble back home.

All of a sudden a glimmer catches your eye as you walk past a dim alleyway. Spluttering on and off erratically are the bright blue and pink neon letters signalling the entrance to the Gay Sauna…

A strong breeze gusts down the street forcing you to close your arms around yourself, in the hope of staving off the cold, and you struggle to make your next steps forward.

Glancing briefly backwards you catch the glimpse of bright welcoming light spilling from the Gay Sauna, as the door slowly closes behind the most recent entrant. In this light you’re also now able to see the pack of hungry men waiting impatiently, tapping their feet or pacing in excitement and nerves.

As you try to continue your journey the wind picks up again, even stronger than before, and nearly knocks you from your feet whilst the chill sneaks into your light shirt and sends goosebumps all over your body. Getting home was not going to be as easy as you had hoped.

“Well…” you mutter to yourself “…there’s a first time for everything”

Turning around, you slowly retrace your steps and take your place in the line, excited to see what wonders await you inside.

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