Kickstarter Lessons – Part 5

The fifth and final instalment of this learning series is about the need for visibility within the wider board gaming community.

Visibility can come in a variety of forms, from descriptions and posts about the game, about game makers to reviews and play-through information provided by others – specifically those that are established and respected.

This has been something that’s been quite difficult for me to live up to – I’ve developed a bit of a perfectionist attitude when it comes to my game and so I’ve been very reluctant to share the current prototype version at any time with specialists or experts in the industry as I always thought the next version would be the one that they’ll love…clearly that never works.

It’s not that I believe all of these things are really necessary for a Kickstarter to be successful, but there needs to be a decent amount of online presence that puts the game into the public eye in order for those outside of my network to take the campaign seriously.

This area is my weakest still and there are a lot of activities on my to-do list related to getting publications discussing the game, reviewers to write about it and putting descriptions myself in all of the relevant places. I’ve still got a lot to do, but that’s fine. As long as these are done in time for my next KS project, I expect things to go much smoother.

This series has been a great way for me to process a lot of the information around the campaign. I hope it’s been interesting to read from your perspective too! While the series is over, I’ll be following this up soon with actionable details of what my plans are and how the development of the game is progressing – so stay tuned!

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