[Kickstarter update #34] So sorry, we’ve got a delay

Manufacturing delay

Jumping right into this as I have some unfortunate news for you all. We’re a bit behind with our plan for manufacturing. It was looking promising to make our deadlines, but we’ve not been able to get everything ready in time for the cut-off that would get the games to us in time.

The order with the printers is nearly finalised, but it looks like we’ll still need a couple of weeks to make the necessary adjustments to everything. This will likely mean manufacturing will finish towards the end of May. From there, the US and Canada copies will be shipped over to Bridge Distribution for fulfilment. We’re not sure exactly how long this will take, but we’ll be getting estimates as soon as we have the production ready date. The rest of the copies will be making a much shorter journey to us here in Amsterdam and we’ll be starting with fulfilment straight away.

I’m sorry that we weren’t able to meet our timelines here. There are two main factors that have caused this. Firstly, my health towards the end of 2022 was not great and I needed to take time away to recover. Secondly as we’ve been getting more visibility, I’ve been getting a lot more feedback and input on the game, both in terms of gameplay and production. We’ve made a significant number of small improvements to everything, from refining the turn sequences and order, getting better designs on the cards, illustrations on the board and cruising areas are also much better than we had previously planned for. Overall, we’re very proud of what we’re making now and can’t wait to get it into everyone’s hands to be played and enjoyed.

Incoming Game Review by Just Got Played

Some exciting news however is that our first official board game review has been recorded by the folks over at Just Got Played! This will be published early next week (hoping for Monday). I have no idea what they thought of the game yet – so I’ll be watching it for the first time along with you all. I have been checking out a lot more of their reviews recently and I like their style very much. Their reviews have already had an impact on my to-buy list (Dice Manor seems perfect for our gayming group here) so I recommend you check out their channel!

We’ve got a few other copies with reviewers who are working on making their content and we’ll let you know as soon as these are coming out.

That’s all for this update. My hope is the next update will be us confirming we’ve started production!

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