[Kickstarter update #35] We’re ready to start printing!

Hey everyone

Sorry for the delay in this update – this past few weeks has been very busy and intense (with game process, my day-job and personal life). This will be a short but exciting update – hope yiou enjoy!

The files have been sent!

We have incredible news for you all: We’ve finished the designs of everything and the files have been sent to the manufacturer!

Now we’re still waiting for the confirmation that everything was correctly received and is good to go (due to Easter weekend) but we know already the printing process will take approximately 8 weeks, so it looks like the games will be ready at the end of May and we’ll start fulfillment straight away. We’re expecting to have an update this coming week and we should be getting our estimates for the process. From there we’ll be following up with the fulfillment company and updating all our timelines.

Print n Play – Penultimate version

The next update to the Print n Play copies is also in progress right now and should be distributed later today. There are two important things about this:

1. The Really-NSFW Expansion will be released for the first time to backers who have purchased the NSFW expansion deck.

2. The files are not optimised for home printing – once we have the final OK from the printers and have made any error corrections, we’ll prepare the very final Print n Play version.

This is a huge step for us, but as we’re still waiting for the final confirmation we’re waiting patiently before we start celebrating and working on the next steps. So we’ll be sharing a bit more exciting news about what’s upcoming in our next update.

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