The big next step: An Artist

So I’ve just posted an advert for an artist and this is a huge thing for me and this project, as I make my steady way towards making this game a reality.

The biggest piece of work that needs to be done is the character artwork. With a current “Visitor Deck” of 120 guys, there’s a huge amount of work that needs to be done before the game will be ready. There’s also a lot more work to be done in the rest of the game, from the board, the cards, playing pieces – basically everything could do with a little more artistic flair than I’ve put into this to date.

As this becomes a reality, I’ve had to start putting some more formal things into place and my planning forces me to set some dates. My current aim is to get a Crowdfunding Campaign live on or around 1st May 2019 and whilst there is still some months, there’s a huge amount to get done in that time.

In terms of the artwork, I don’t expect for the game to be production ready when the crowd funding campaign is launched; however the core theme and visual style (colours, fonts, styles etc) will need to be finalised as well as enough game artwork to be able to create the campaign image and video materials. This also means that there is a somewhat limited investment in this as full materials will only need to be produced if the campaign is successful. Although if the campaign is not successful, I am likely to find another method of launching the game.

My ideal situation would be someone who is up for joining me in this challenge, not just contractually creating characters as freelance artist, but as a partner in developing Gay Sauna the Board Game as well as all the games that I hope will follow. That being said, I’m also realistic about this and know that I’ll know the right artist when I meet them and see their work and all the details will follow.

I’m hoping this little glimpse into the process at the moment might be useful for anyone who is or knows someone who might be interested in becoming the artist for Gay Sauna the Board Game and if you do, check out the job post and get in touch.

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