The Library is Open!

With the launch of the Kickstarter Campaign in mere days, it was about time to fully update the website and start including more of the exciting content from the game.

I’ve created the Library on the site to give everyone a little bit more insight into the game setting, especially for those new to Gay Saunas.

There’s now a brand new Visitors section that lists all of the characters that are ready to start playing in Gay Sauna the Board Game, with each character getting its own details page.

There’s also a new rules section that gives an introduction to how the game is played at a high level – of course there will be more detailed rules included in the game.

I’ve also given the whole site a bit of a facelift and fixed a huge number of outstanding issues. Overall I’m very happy with it and hope I’m able to provide all the information folks need to want to back my project.

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