Tribes over Types

For many versions of the game, the visitors were categorised by six types: Bears, Daddies, Muscle, Otters, Twinks and Wolves. I needed to find an icon-set for these and so they kind of morphed into 6 types I could represent by animals: Bears, Daddy Gorillas, Foxes (Otters), Muscle Bulls, Twink Bunnies and Wolves.

As I approach production of the game, I’m revisiting all aspects, and the types were top of my list to get finalised and I have made some changes. Firstly I’ve decided to drop the term Types and replace this with Tribes. Playtesting has proven this is a common enough term amongst the intended audience for the game 😉

As for the Tribes themselves, Bears, Daddies and Twinks remain untouched, although Daddies and Twinks will drop their animal counterparts and adopt a new icon. Otters will return and get an appropriately cute ottery test-icon you may have noticed. Muscle guys will morph slightly into Jocks and get a Jock icon. Finally the Wolves are retiring early, howling at the moon as they head into pastures new. They’re being replaced by the new Tribe: Guy Next Door.

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