[Kickstarter update #38] Sorry this is taking longer than expected!

Hi all

Firstly I have to apologise for the silence. These past weeks have been pretty intense with lots of discussions with the manufacturers to get everything perfect before they start the printing process. Not only has this been pretty stressful, but also I’ve spent the whole time thinking we’re just a couple of days away from getting the details on when printing happens and when the games will be ready. I’ve been delaying this update for this time as I assumed waiting another couple of days would mean we could communicate solid timelines…however that’s not yet possible.

We are making huge progress though. All the core files for the game itself are ready and being turned into the final eproofs for the printers. While that’s happening we’re iterating now on the locker component that will hold the cards while playing the game as this turned out to be a bit flimsy with the original design. We’re confident though we’ll get to the final version very soon. (I’ve been informed that this isn’t holding up the rest of the process).

These lockers will fit in the box if they are dismantled, but we’re also including a small tuckbox to store them separately if you’d like to keep them fully assembled between plays. This tuckbox and the core box insert both have a nice design now as well so they’ll fit in the visual theme of the entire game!

The cute locker tuckbox for if you’d like to store it complete outside the game box.

I am in pretty much daily contact with the manufacturers to resolve all these final items, so I really don’t expect this to take more than a few more days before we can push the big green button! From an email I received yesterday as we’re working on the tuckbox:

“As soon as I have the mockups of the new lockers and I test them with the tuckbox, I will send you the die lines so you can prepare the final design of the lockers. Thank you very much for your patience, we are almost there.”

Production is expected to take 6-8 weeks, so the time is slipping away from us and I know many of you are eagerly awaiting your games. I promise I’m doing everything I can to get this moving so we can start shipping out to you all. It looks like folks will start getting their games end of July / August at this point, which is ~3 months later than we’d hoped, but I do think we’ll be making this date!

Additionally, from the end of June I’ll be reducing my hours at my day job to give me more time to focus on the game and ensure that I can execute on the EU and worldwide fulfillment ASAP. The US and Canada fulfillment is being taken care of by BridgeDistribution so you’re in good hands there!

I really can’t wait to share this game with you, thank you all so much for bearing with us so far!

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